Site Hoardings

Top quality branded site hoardings, supplied and installed by EVM

Site hoarding or construction hoarding is a requirement for development sites to ensure site safety and security. Site hoardings can also be utilised to create powerful on-site branding to build anticipation and create a great buzz on the run up to the completed project.

The space on site hoardings is the ideal advertising platform for eye-catching graphics and branded messages, helping to boost the promotion of your project within the community to passing traffic and pedestrians. This can be really effective when launching a new residential site, commercial project or retail space.

EVM offers a bespoke hoarding design service to help you create hoardings that get you noticed. We work within your brand guidelines and also offer an image enhancement service to get the most out of your images and ideas.

The process used for our site hoardings involves printing directly onto an aluminium composite material called Dibond. A high quality panel is printed using a special UV cured process that requires no over-lamination and is guaranteed by EVM for 7 years, even in direct sunlight. If required we can build the hoarding for you before mounting the printed panels or, if your hoarding is already built, we can supply printed Dibond panels anywhere in the UK.

All of our materials are supplied from sustainable sources helping to reduce our impact on the environment. Due to the nature of the hoarding panels and hoarding boards we use, we offer a system that can be mounted and de-mounted for future use, helping to reduce your future set-up costs significantly.

EVM operates to British Standards guidelines to ensure top quality hoardings together with a highly professional safety accredited installation service.

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