Environmental Sustainability

Pioneering Sustainable Printing in Scotland

We are committed to taking meaningful action towards fighting the climate crisis by developing our approach to manufacturing to help minimise the impact our products and services have on the planet.

Over the last three years, EVM has placed sustainability at the forefront of its core values, helping our clients to understand the impact our services have on the environment and offering the best solutions available to help cut their organisational carbon footprint, as well as our own.

Tackling Waste Head On

We’re designing better products, built to last, and we have a strict waste policy in place to make sure no material that could have been recycled or reused will find its way to landfill. We are ambitious enough to embrace a circular approach to our designs and are well on our way to becoming zero waste champions along with the support of Glasgow’s Circular Economy Network.

The Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) are working closely with us to streamline our waste output and help us become as efficient we can be with the materials we use. We are building strong and resilient relationships with our innovative suppliers who are bringing sustainable materials into focus to help us cut the amount of nonrecyclable materials we work with in our factory and replace them with sustainable alternatives without the loss of quality we are own for.

Investing for the Future

We have teamed up with Zero Waste Scotland to improve our facilities and slash our carbon emissions by embracing their support in undertaking a full energy resource audit and installing brand new LED lighting throughout our facilities; a simple change which is making a big impact cutting our carbon emissions by 25%.

We have invested heavily in leading LED printing technology with our latest commissioned machine being installed at the start of 2021. The EFI VUTEk 32H is renowned as one of the most environmentally sustainable large format printers on the market, using 80% less energy than comparable UV presses. It’s cool technology – literally – using LED curing to allow us to print directly onto substrates which would normally warp under the intense UV heat.

Our Pledge

The climate emergency has become the defining crisis of our time, it’s impact far reaching and devastating. We strongly believe as a business, we are responsible in ensuring our activities do not contribute to the crisis. We will continue to improve, learn, and innovate towards our overarching goal to become one of the most sustainable large format printing suppliers in the country.

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