Window Graphics and Specialist Film for Glass

EVM are highly experienced in the supply and installation of all types of window graphics and specialised films for glass.

Window and Glass Films for Privacy and Meeting Current Building Regulations

Architects, fit-out specialists, interior designers and marketing departments often specify window graphics and film manifestations when using glass in the design of buildings in order to create privacy in spaces and also to comply with current building regulations concerning Health & Safety around the use of glass in commercial buildings.

For privacy a lightweight frosted film is applied to glass and windows. The film allows light to pass through it but prevents viewing either in or out of the space. A one-way film is also available from EVM that allows occupants of the space to see out but does not allow for viewing into the space. This is called Contravision film.

For window films required to meet Health & Safety applications, this nearly always means having to retrofit film ‘manifestations’ onto new glass at a specific height and size, normally as frosted squares, circles or other geometric shape or a continuous strip of material.

EVM is experienced with all types of window film for creating privacy and meeting H&S requirements. We will be happy to advise on the best type of film to meet your requirements.

Films for Marketing and Branding

For marketing and branding purposes window graphic film is used by EVM to apply CAD cut graphic images or designs onto glass windows and walls in retail, commercial and health care environments.

Graphics film for glass is available in a wide range of clear or frosted finishes. Frosted film comes in a variety of tones and colours but is also available as clear polyester film that EVM can then print onto in full colour using a special UV cured ink.

EVM is highly experienced in specifying and applying all kinds of window films for branding and marketing purposes. Please get in touch for advice regarding the best films for your next branding project.

Safety and ‘Bomb Blast’ Films

Safety and ‘Bomb Blast’ window films are clear high quality polyester films designed to make glass safer, both by strengthening it against breakage, and by containment of dangerous shards travelling at high velocity in situations where breakage does occur.

The film provides a protective barrier by holding broken glass in place, thus reducing the injuries and damage that could otherwise occur, sometimes from flying masonry.

Solar Reduction Films

EVM Solar Reducing Window Film is used to mask glazed areas from the effects of the sun and reduce the build-up of solar heat. These films prevent the warming of the inside surfaces of glass that are exposed to direct sunlight while still allowing vision through the glass.

EVM supply solar reduction films in a wide range of tinted colours including a mirrored finish, gold, silver, bronze or grey.

EVM has the experience to specify and install highly effective solar reduction film no matter how small or large your project.

Whatever the application, EVM has the experience and expertise to specify and install the best glass and window film for your particular situation. Just call us to discuss your project and we’ll be happy to advise on the specification and installation that’s right for you.

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