Improve your Advertising with Window Graphics

Is it just me or is the weather over compensating for 2012’s ‘Wettest Summer in 100 Years’? (I’m not complaining!)

The great thing about the long summer nights- especially when the sun is blazing, is that my tolerance for city traffic vastly improves, and I find myself taking the opportunity to gander around Glasgow’s city centre as I make my way home to start the BBQ.

What’s noticeable is that most/ if not all commercial spaces in Glasgow each have their own polished, fret cut exterior signage as their primary tool for reminding customers that they are still there and their doors are open so come on in. The fact remains that exterior signage is the number one mechanism for attracting new business and without it you deem yourself invisible.

However as I approach a set of traffic lights, my attention is caught by 10 foot high floor to ceiling branded window graphics, and soon the realisation that exterior signage as a marketing tool certainly isn’t the be all and end all. Competition on the high street remains and businesses need to find alternative ways of advertising themselves so that their message is not lost and forgotten amongst everyone else. Today’s sophisticated customers wont be duped into entering your premise based on the installation of signage alone. Customers are looking (subconsciously) for targeted messaging geared specifically for them so that when they decide to enter your commercial space they are more confident that you have the right products and services for them making it worth their while.

Window graphics are a solution for creating eye catching visual messaging that customers are more likely to notice, engage with and remember. For marketing purposes window graphics can be used as manifestations to apply branded images or designs onto glass windows in retail, commercial and health care environments. Window graphics as a marketing tool is most effective if your commercial space has larger windows which allows a greater area for messaging and branding opportunities.

Window graphics are considered a “retrofit” product in that it is applied to buildings post construction. They pose massive advantages for commercial environments in that window graphics can be installed on a temporary and flexible basis. If your company has a specific campaign that it needs to promote for a concentrated period of time then window graphics provide an alternative to the higher investment costs of exterior signage and thus a likely better return.

If you are interested in considering window graphics for your business the first step is engaging with a window graphics specialist who can advise on how best to incorporate window graphics to your business. EVM are an experienced and professional Signage and Interior Fitout company with the latest 3M training and UV cured inkjet processes to ensure that your window graphics are installed correctly with the highest quality and professional finish that your business requires.