A Moving Story…

I wouldn’t recommend moving factory on a whim but since it took us almost 3 years to find exactly the right replacement when the time came for us to get up and go, we were ready to hit the road.

Printers being moved into the new office at Thornliebank

EVM’s old factory was just fine, it was a few minutes from the centre of town and handy for the motorway. We’d been there for almost 15 years and we we’re part and parcel of Glasgow’s East End. I have to say though that things were getting a bit too tight. With a fleet of vans and not much parking either and with more work than ever, we really had to break out and spread our wings. So when we found a great new 25,000 sq.ft. factory space in Thornliebank, with private parking and a huge back yard just a few hundred yards from the M77, with links to the M74 and M8 right on our doorstep, we knew it was time to pack.

Needless to say it was no ‘Friday Flit’, as they say in Glasgow, so we took a sensible phased approach to the whole thing. Phase 1 was all about getting the production space wired up, networked up, plumbed up and heated up. Phase 2 saw the joinery department move in with a new extraction system to make sure we were working in clean air. Phase 3 was moving our large format print kit, and that meant some very big trucks indeed. Phase 4 was the office fit-out – we called this Phase the ‘the fun part’ – so, we planned the space, took down walls, built the offices and meeting rooms, built the furniture, built the kitchen (with integrated sound system, yes siree), installed a dishwasher, two fridges and two microwaves, printed the digital wallpaper (we’re famous for that), and laid the new flooring and Hey Presto … here we are in our new Home.

EVM Kitchen Facilities

A bigger, better facility with new improved features, starring: 3 giant large format printers, 3 multi-tool CNC robots, a Laser Engraver, a suite of precision-built Austrian wood working machinery, not to mention the new Servers, phone system, security cameras and posh coffee machine … complete with the same friendly approach, customer care, passion for quality and shed-loads of skills you won’t find around the corner.

EVM. Making ideas work. (In our new home in Glasgow).