Illuminated Signage (Part 2) – Indoor Edition

In previous blog posts, EVM highlighted the effectiveness and growing interest in LED Illuminated Signage. Especially in the dark and dreich winter months we noted that outdoor illuminated signs present a great opportunity to attract the extra attention your business requires.

Whilst outdoor illuminated signs serve a primary purpose, it is important not to forget about the use of Indoor LED Lighting and the benefits that it can bring to your commercial space or indoor signage and displays.

Increase Brand Identity

A key point to consider is the effect that lighting can have on your marketing and communications strategy. The obvious aim of any retailer is to create a brand that is unique within the competitive space, with a memorable brand message that lasts.

More specifically, by simply incorporating indoor illuminated signage or lighting areas to your commercial/ retail space you automatically enhance your brand identity and the brand message you wish to relay to your customers. Colour schemes that resonate with your brand and the visual effects that LED lighting can create can help tie together all aspects of the message you want to deliver.

Retail today is all about pleasing prospective customers and enticing new business. In a competitive climate this seems more difficult with customers that are more sophisticated than they perhaps used to be. Creating eye catching, attractive visual aids for your retail space will help enhance a retail experience for your customer that they wont forget.

Reduce Energy Costs

A few years ago LED was essentially new technology which was reflected in the higher up front cost of replacing halogens to LED lights.

However LED costs are falling vs. replacing traditional halogen light bulbs vs. the miraculously rising energy costs.¬†The New York Times posted in March this year that halogen light bulbs actually waste electricity by converting just 5-10% into light and the rest as heat. By comparison, LED’s convert as much as 60% of electricity into light. LED bulbs also have a lifetime of 10,000 to 25,000 hours of light, compared to the typical 1,000 hour lifetime of a halogen bulb.

By opting to use LED bulbs in your illuminated signage, you are using a more efficient light bulb and are guaranteed reduced energy costs and reduced replacement costs. The bulbs we use come with a lifespan guarantee of between 7-10 years.

LED’s are more economical and are far more readily available for use in a wide variety of sign making situations. LED bulbs come in a malleable strip that will accommodate the design of your commercial retail space as well as the prospective design of your illuminated signage. Compared to neon and fluorescent glass tubing, the applications of LED lighting are endless.

Safety Solution

You will find that LED light bulbs are also far safer than traditional bulbs. They emit less heat on the surface of the bulb and are less likely to be the source of a fire risk to your commercial/ retail space if they fail. Traditional bulbs are known for sporadically exploding, causing a fire hazard, whereas LED’s ‘fail slower’, essentially becoming dimmer over time. LED’s are encased, creating a protective coating. In the case of breaking an LED the glass wont shatter.

If you are looking for illuminated signage or have an idea of how you would like to incorporate illuminated signage into your operation then let us know. Our fabricators will be more than happy to liaise with you to find the best method for creating your bespoke illuminated sign.