Highland Park

Client : Edrington Group and Radisson Hotels
Designers : Occa Design
Location : Glasgow
Duration : 2 weeks

EVM are making ideas work in the premium drinks sector for a number of major brands and their designers.

This bespoke ‘pop up’ whisky tasting bar was made by EVM and commissioned for a Christmas brand promotion of Highland Park in the rooftop bar at the new Radisson Red Hotel in Glasgow.

Highland Park is a unique single malt Scotch whisky and has been made in Scotland’s most northernmost distillery in Kirkwall, capital of the remote Orkney Islands, since 1798.

EVM’s artisan carpenters worked closely with Occa Design to craft the piece from Highland Park whisky barrels, the staves of which were carefully stripped down, dressed and then made into this unusual and seasonal whisky tasting bar.

The rustic and authentic outdoor look and feel achieved by EVM is a reminder of the Viking heritage that Orcadians are justly proud and perfectly reflect the outstanding craftsman’s values and obsession with quality at Highland Park that goes into making every bottle of this award-winning and world renowned single malt whisky.

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