What is Visual Marketing?

We at EVM brand ourselves as a visual marketing company (clues in the name!); we thought it would be best to explain just exactly what we mean by this and have produced this blog post to help get to grips with the key principles.

Visual marketing is essentially marketing techniques that promote a message using visual media and are required to promote and sell a product or service. Visual marketing can be used effectively to deliver your message to your target audience and is engrained into all your marketing activities.

These techniques are most commonly used in creating brand awareness by major organisations through a logo, based on a memorable and appropriate design, used to stick in the consumers mind. Some famous examples can be shown with McDonalds and their golden arches, the Nike Swoosh and the Apple logo. These visual messages help to produce high brand awareness, which leads to high market penetration, customer loyalty and increased sales. With ever increasing competition in markets it is becoming increasingly important to get your visual marketing correct!

Using visual marketing to help with building brand identity can be done through a number of different ways – it appears through your company logo, signage, vehicle graphics, reception areas, exhibition stands and many other visual cues. These materials must create an image that is unique, appropriate, consistent, professional, and persuasive in order to have the biggest impact.

Any organisation can benefit from having an effective visual marketing offering that can help to increase awareness; it doesn’t matter what industry you are in, if you are a small shop, large public sector organisation or an international property development company, having the correct strategy for your visual marketing can bring excellent return on investment. This can be implemented professionally and in an intelligent way, through a variety of different channels as discussed above and can fit into every aspect of your marketing. Get involved now and see what kind of improvements it can make to your business.